Denver Public Schools

Citywide Music Ensembles

Denver Public Schools annually hosts several Citywide Music Ensembles to honor and celebrate the achievements and hard work of music students throughout the district. Citywide choirs, bands, and orchestras are organized for three levels of performance - elementary, middle, and high school.

Three festivals are hosted throughout the year, one for each type of ensemble.
autumn - Citywide Choir Festival
winter - Citywide Band Festival
winter/spring - Citywide Jazz Band
spring - Citywide Orchestra Festival

The Citywide Marching Band functions differently from the other ensembles. Whereas the other groups meet for 2-3 days, and then perform a celebratory concert, this band begins holding rehearsals in the late summer, which continue through December. During the semester, the Denver Citywide Marching Band marches in parades and field show competitions. This group is open to middle and high school wind and percussion students from around the district. Besides wind and percussion players, the group has openings for visual auxiliary members (i.e. flag and rifle twirlers). High school students who participate in this group earn high school credit, and can apply that credit towards their P.E. requirements. Interested percussionists may continue through the winter, rehearsing and performing indoor marching percussion shows. For more information contact Jason U'Ren, director of the Citywide Marching Band.

Each of the Citywide ensembles present students with opportunities to collaborate with peers from around the district, and showcase their talents. Participation in the Citywide ensembles is a privilege and honor. Membership is determined by auditions and/or teacher recommendations, depending upon the group.

For more information on these groups, visit the corresponding websites listed on the left side of this page, or contact the Denver Public Schools Arts department.

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